Solar & Backup Power Solutions

Reduce your reliance on the grid by powering your home with solar energy. Solar Powered solutions have become very attractive to a wide range of customers, who have started using them for energy generation and other off-grid applications. The demand for residential, commercial, and industrial usage of renewable energy is increasing day by day. It’s time for people across the world to start taking charge of their monthly electricity costs by exploring and implementing cost-effective and reliable solar-powered solutions at home or anywhere. Customized to help you lower or completely eliminate your monthly electricity expense. A residential photovoltaic energy system is probably the largest home investment you’ll ever make.

Produce your own Energy and enhance the aesthetics of your home:

Install solar and start converting sunlight into clean energy and powering your home or business at a portion of the cost of purchasing power from the grid. We will handle everything from the SSEG permissions to the installation and commissioning on your rooftop, ground, or carports.

Customized to help you lower or completely eliminate your monthly electricity expense.

Residential photovoltaic energy system is probably the largest home investment you’ll make.

Battery Backup

Our preferred Inverter and battery system can be combined with solar PV, allowing you to generate clean energy and store it for later use - at night or during a power outage.

Maximum Solar Capacity

Our preferred solar panels are engineered to be highly efficient, producing maximum solar output year after year, even on roofs with complicated angles. Your fully integrated system is safe and dependable thanks to our preferred hardware products.

Digital Interactive Design

We can design a solar and battery backup system for your home or business using only your physical address and monthly electricity bill. The preliminary proposal will show you how much money you can save on your utility bill and will highlight the appliances that remained on during the power outage.

Advantages of a Solar & Backup Power System

System Operation & Daily Storage

Our preferred PV modules, bi-directional inverters and Lithium battery packs store your clean energy for later use. Create your custom system to suit your home or business needs - either with or without solar - and begin saving money and energy instantly. Your system recognizes power outages automatically and recharges with sunlight, enabling your appliances to run for several days.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance: With around-the-clock mobile monitoring, you can control your solar system from anywhere in the world. Watch your energy in real-time or optimize for energy independence by setting your settings. Including daily analysis of energy consumption and savings. Your system will update you on any faults or maintenance alerts. Our support team will also provide advice based on data generated by the solar monitoring system and will remain in contact, scheduling routine and emergency maintenance.

Installation & Approval Process

Once we received the prior permission letter to install from your municipality, our technical team shall install your custom solar solution. Before the handover, our technical team will conduct several tests. Once concluded our support team will explain how the monitoring system operates and provide important tips and ongoing recommendations such as potential financial savings.

Permission Criteria and energy meters:

Integrated IP Solutions have partnered with a master electrical professional and certified electrical engineer (Pr Tech Eng) ensuring compliance with all relevant design, protection, and safety standards. A meter that measures the flow of active energy (Wh) in both directions (import and export) and displays the balance of imported and exported energy in a display. Your municipality will replace your existing credit or pre-paid meter with an AMI Bi-directional meter.

It’s time for people across the world to start exploring and implementing cost-effective and reliable solar powered solutions at home or anywhere.

Essential appliances for a Backup System

Alarm Systems

Surveillance System

Security Lighting

Main Gate Motors

Electric Fencing

Garage Doors

Landline Communication

Internet Source

Immediate Fridges

Chest Freezers




Tailored protection for your business and home

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