Smart Gate Alert

Counter Criminals before they get access to your home

In the constant fight against crime in South Africa, we tend to be perpetually analyzing surveillance footage from robberies and learning the way to counter thievery and loss from it. A current trend in an exceedingly wave of burglaries is to elevate your gate to gain access to your property.Integrated IP Solutions offers a solution which will sound the alarm if the gate is forced or left open in any approach. We’ve found that as soon as a siren sounds the criminals start getting a move on. The problem with most alarm systems is that they solely have detectors within the home. Once they break in and a siren automates, they know, they have about sixty to ninety seconds to grab whatever they can and move before an armed response company arrives, this may facilitate your time and may presumably forestall any injury or loss.

Security Breach Scenarios

  1. If a sliding gate isn’t secured once it’s in a closed position on either aspect it could be upraised
  2. If your gate can not be upraised the criminal can strive to bend the rack off, you’ll be shocked how simple it truly is
  3. If the gate rack cannot be upraised, they’re going to jump over to interrupt, open the cover and place the gate on manual thus gaining access
  4. No matter how difficult you create it for them, if they require to urge in, they’re going to usually have the proper tools with them to interrupt and obtain access

How this solution works

We install a magnetic heavy-duty contact onto your entry gates and garage doors including a Smart Gate Alert controller within your motor. The smart gate alert controller communicates wirelessly to your existing alarm and surveillance systems. Once you close your gate the system automatically arms. This would mean should the gate open without the authorized remotes or exceed the 3 min open period the alarm will sound. Once compromised your armed response and surveillance monitoring companies will be alerted. The Smart Gate Alert controller could be customized to suite your user requirements.

Smart Gate alert integration options

  • Links to your existing alarm and surveillance system
  • Off-site surveillance verification
  • Local security guard monitoring
  • Active security flood lighting
  • Audible siren and strobe light alert
  • Customized SMS & push notifications to your mobile
  • Remote access for garden and pool services
  • Product not depended on an alarm or surveillance system

Tailored protection for your business and home

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